Sana Arjumand's latest collection of work encapsulates the very essence of change, transition and metamorphosis. The images are based on the lunar cycles, but represent the transitions and the cycles we undergo from the moment of our inception, to the moment we breathe our last breath. With each piece the viewer is taken on a visual journey that transcends the limits of imagination as each moment moves seamlessly through the conceptual space that makes up our cellular structure, before expanding out into the very universe itself. The moon, in its many facets, pulls at the ebb and flow of the emotional ocean within the heart. It narrates a tale of longing and belonging and fills the soul with love, just as breath fill lungs with life. As our closest heavenly body, the moon is forever dancing the dance of expansion and contraction and just as the moon reflects its lovers light, so to does it reflect the very state of human existence. It is the eternal landscape of light, life and learning and engulfs our fragile state with the overwhelming element of love. From micro to macro, Sana has created a world within a world and explores the ideas of change, movement and most importantly the final journey that leads the viewer from the finite to the infinite and back again. The final journey of love, where love, lover and beloved become one.