-Graduated from the National College of Arts in 2005. 


-Assistant lecturer at the National College of Arts 2008-2009. 


-Artist in residence at Art Omi, New York, 2009. 


-Artist in residence at RM Residency (International) 2010.


-Recipient of High Achievers Award from The Cambridge university for Arts and Sociology in Advance Level Studies. 


-Work in Francis Burger Collection (New York), Devi Art Foundation Collection (Delhi, India), Rangoonwala (Karachi, Pakistan)


Shows, Professional Experience and Residencies



April - Group Show, "Char Aurtein, Char Khaniyan", Sanat Initiative, Karachi, Pakistan. (Catalog)

January - Presented work at Pecha Kucha Islamabad Pakistan.

January - Solo Show, O ART SPACE, Lahore, Pakistan.


June - "Light Beings", Solo Show, Columbia Museum, South Carolina, U.S.A. (Catalog)

May - Venice Biennale, Imago Mundi project. (Catalog)

January - Group Show, O art Space, Lahore, Pakistan. (Catalog)


April - Group Show, "New Pathways - Contemporary Art From Pakistan", United Nations Head Quarters, New York, USA. (Catalog)


April - Group Show, "Silsila", Sanat initiative Gallery, Karachi. Pakistan. (Catalog)

March - Group Show, "Celebrating Female Artists", PNCA (Pakistan National Council of Arts), Islamabad. Pakistan. (Catalog)


November - Group Show, "Grains of Sand", Satrang Gallery, Islamabad. (Catalog)

March - Solo Show at Khaas Gallery, Islamabad, Pakistan. (Catalog)


August - Solo Show at Canvas Gallery, Karachi, Pakistan.

June - Solo Show at Mary Place Gallery in Sydney, Australia.

March - Dubai Art Fair, Aicon Gallery booth.

February- Group show, Indo-Pak Art Affair, ICAC International Creative Art Center, Mumbai, India.


September - Group show, "Usman Aur Mein", Koel Gallery, Karachi, Pakistan. (Catalog)

May/June - Group show, "Attaining Heights", V.M gallery, Karachi, Pakistan.

April - 2 person show, "Cohesion", Gallery 6, Islamabad, Pakistan.

March - Group show, "66 Statements", Gallery 6, Islamabad, Pakistan.

March - Dubai Art Fair, Aicon Gallery Booth.

February - Group show, "In Praise of Red", Royaat Gallery, Lahore.

January - Group show, "Mein", Koel Gallery, Karachi, Pakistan. (Catalog)

January - Group show, "Letters to Taseer", Drawing Room Gallery, Lahore, Pakistan.


September- Group show, "LOVE is a four letter word", Gallery Latitude 28, Delhi, India. 

September - The Body in 6 by 3, Koel Gallery, Karachi, Pakistan. (Catalog)

May - Group show, "Urban Condition", Poppy Seed Gallery, Karachi, Pakistan.

March - Dubai Art Fair, Aicon Gallery booth.

January - Group show, "Reprise", Aicon Gallery, New York, U.S

January - Group show, "Imminent Painters", Gallery 6, Islamabad, Pakistan.

January - Group show, "Silsila - Studio RM, Koel Gallery, Karachi, Pakistan. (Catalog)


November - Abu Dhabi Art Fair, Aicon Gallery Booth.

May - Solo show, "Lets's Fly First Class",Aicon Gallery, New York, USA. (Catalog)

April - Group show, "Once upon a Wonderland", Exhibit 320, New Delhi, India.

April - RM Residency (International) Exhibition, Ejaz Galleries, Lahore, Pakistan. (Catalog)

March - Artist in Residence at RM Residency (International), Lahore, Pakistan.

March - "Across the Frontier", Apparao Galleries, Delhi, India. 


Artist in Residence at "Art Omi", New York, USA.

September ‐ "Redo Pakistan" ‐ Flux festival, London.

August ‐ Delhi Art Fair ‐ India

July ‐ Artist in Residence at ‘Art Omi’, New York, USA.

May - Group Show ‘Celebrating Karachi’.

May - Group Show ‘Tales of the City’, National College of Arts, Rawalpindi.

April - "Redo Pakistan", ‘Shanakht’ Festival, Karachi, Pakistan.

April - Group show ‘Honor Killing’, at PNCA (Pakistan national council of the arts). (Catalog)

March - Group show, ‘Going Places’, at Canvas Gallery Karachi.

March - Dubai Art Fair - Aicon Gallery Booth


December ‐ Group show, "As it seems ‐ or as far as the eye can see", at National College of

Arts, Rawalpindi campus. (Catalog)

December - Art camp, Institute of Contemporary Indian Art, Mumbai.

November ‐ Solo show, "Bold and the Beautiful", Canvas Gallery, Karachi. (Catalog)

October ‐ Solo show, Gallery 6, Islamabad.

May ‐ Hong Kong Art Fair. Aicon Gallery booth.

April Group show, East West Centre, Honolulu, Hawaii.

April Group show, Alhamra National Council of the Arts, Lahore. 

           National exhibition organized by artists association of Punjab. (Catalog)

March Dubai Art Fair 2008, Aicon Gallery booth.


November Group show, “Figurative Art, Pakistan”, Aicon Gallery, London. (Catalog)

October - Group show, “Lantern of the East”. 17th Pyeomg Paek International Art

Festival. Nake Art Museum, Korea. (Catalog)

August Two Man Show, “361 Hours of Dialogue”, Broadway Gallery, Amman, Jordan.

April Group show, "Drawings of the Soul”. University of Sunderland. (Catalog)

March Group show, Alhamra National Council of the Arts, Lahore. National exhibition

organized by Artists Association of Punjab. (Catalog)


Invited as Lecturer at Pakistan National Council of Arts, Islamabad, at workshop held by Marjorie Hussain.

October Group show, Nomad Art Gallery.

June Group show, VM Art Gallery, Rangoonwala Centre, Karachi, Pakistan.

May Group show, Khaas Art Gallery, Islamabad, Pakistan.

March ‐ Group show, Alhamra National Council of the Arts, Lahore,

National Exhibition, organized by Artists Association of Punjab. (Catalog)

February ‐ Group show, Alhamra National Council of the Arts, Lahore, organized by Young Artists Association, Punjab. (Catalog)

January ‐ “Emerging Talent”, Group show, VM Gallery, Rangoonwala Centre, Karachi. 



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